Full paper review guidelines

Long papers will go through a full, single-blind reviewing process via OpenReview, with two weeks for author rebuttal and discussion. The MIDL board and the local organizers encourage reviewers to unblind themselves to increase transparency. Therefore only unblinded reviewers are eligible for reviewer awards.

  • Reviewers should always provide positive, constructive reviews and be as open as possible.
  • The review should include a short summary, a list of pros and cons, and ideas regarding related and future work in case key developments are missing.
  • Comments regarding lack of novelty need to be substantiated, e.g., by providing reference(s) to previous work.
  • The reviewers are not required to look at the material in the Appendix/Supplementary Information beyond the 8 pages of the paper.
  • Reviewers should engage in discussion with the authors during the rebuttal period.

Your duties during the reviewing period will be the following.

  • You will be responsible for reviewing approximately 4-5 papers between 12/02/2024 and 28/02/2024.
  • You will have the chance to bid for reviewing specific papers during the bidding stage that will take place between 01/02/2024 and 07/02/2024.
  • Writing timely reviews of high quality that reflect the above-mentioned MIDL principles and are fair in judgment.
  • Ranking the papers.
  • Give constructive feedback and criticism that helps the authors to improve their work, which is beneficial for the community as a whole.
  • Engage in discussion during the 14-day rebuttal phase between the other reviewers and authors (for full papers), particularly for papers where the decision is uncertain (borderline).
  • Full paper registration deadline 31 January 2024
  • Paper bidding 1 February - 7 February 2024
  • Full paper submission deadline 7 February 2024
  • Paper assignment 12 February 2024
  • Reviews due 28 February 2024
  • Rebuttal 4 March–17 March 2024
  • Discussion period 18 March–27 March 2024
  • Final decisions 5 April 2024

Please note that all deadlines are 23:59 UTC-12 (Anywhere on Earth).

Create or update your profile on OpenReview

This year, we will be using the paper matching system of OpenReview so please ensure that your OpenReview profile is up to date including the fields “Education & Career History”, “Advisors & Other Relations”, “Expertise”, and “Publications” and that it lists the email address on which you received the reviewer invitation.

Create an account at OpenReview if you do not have one yet. In case you find multiple different accounts under your name, you can ask [email protected] to merge them. After you log into OpenReview, you will see two tasks to update your information.

  • Please verify that your most recent email address as well as older ones (for conflict management) are part of the profile. Please make sure that your OpenReview primary (Preferred) email address is the one that is linked to your TPMS account.
  • Put a link to your DBLP profile if it is not yet there and add your DBLP papers to your profile.
  • Put a link to your Google Scholar profile if it is not yet there.
  • The Advisors & Other Relations section can also be filled, if you think some conflicts are not covered by the email domains.

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